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Balabalabags.ru Latest Reviews and balabalabags new site address

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Karen O’CONNOR Says:

Wow! !! I have ordered many bags from this balabalabags.the quality of this bag is by far the best !!! thank you!

Tonh brown Says:

Be advised, these run small! If you’re an L, then get an XL. If you’re an XL, then I hope you’re not fat. I’m 6’3″ and not overweight and the XL t-shirts looks fitted. It was especially tight around the shoulders for me. Otherwise, the quality is a solid 9/10. It’s so good that a friend of mine asked where I got it so he can get one.

Harrison Eager Says:

The shirt is great quality. No issues with size medium as you would expect in the UK. Delivery took 10 days from date of order. Really impressed.

Tray Holland Says:

I see a lot of people complain about size so make sure you don’t be ignorant; read the item description!! It tells you what size to get! The wait is worth how cheap this quality t-shirts is!! Best one I’ve gotten so far!

Erwin WIlliams Says:

I have 180 cm tall and weights 90kg, usually wear size L, so XXL is good for me.

Clarence Jackson Says:

The xxl size is in eu something like L size. Picture in true is okay but not that nice like on the balabalabags.

Taiyo Yusuf Says:

XXL good size for 195cm tall, a little tight. Very happy with shipping and packaging.  Not quite as high resolution print as picture.

Ericka Deal Says:

loved the design but the picture just wasnt Sharp it is blurry but other than that the delivery was super fast!